Mona in Istanbul

You might remember Mona and how I met her personally back in 2014. She told me she might be visiting Istanbul soon or later and the time has come. Mona and the paroject she is in were invited to Jazz in Ramadan concerts.

“Jon Balke and Friends” is the project she is in and it was the last concert of the organization which took place in Sakıp Sabancı Museum by bosphorus. So it was an open-air, by the sea concert. The band was a trio: Mona Boutchebak in the vocals, Jon Balke in the keyboard and percussion and Snorre Bjerck in percussion.

Traffic noise and boat music accompanied the band during the concert, they have stopped at the call to prayer. It was very nice to see Mona again and for the first time I had the chance to listen to her in a concert! Wow!

Mona and me!
Written by EGe