Basel & Stuttgart Xmas Markets

Basel & Stuttgart Xmas Markets

Well, you might have realized that I have been travelling to Swabia quite frequently. As it is more business related I generally have less chance to be a tourist around. Although I find Stuttgart as “not very charmant”, the city somehow is very active since the day I am visiting. There is constantly a festival going around. Frühlingstfest, Schlemmen am See, Wasenfest, Jazz Fest, Weihnachtsmarkt etc. This time I decided to visit Pamela in Basel and be a Christmas Market tourist.

Sooo, let’s begin with Stuttgart one, I was told from a colleague that Stuttgart’s Christmas Market is the largest in Europe, I am not quite sure about it anyway :)  The photo on top is a counting-down with windows! :)
So, each Christmas market has its own mug to serve you the spicy hot wine called Glühwine. You have red and white options and a lot of different local things more. You pay a deposit of 2.5 euro and then you can keep the mug or get your money back.

Stuttgart Weihnachtsmarkt

Not to forget that if you wanna buy such mugs normally, it is like the triple price I guess!

So if you wonder about our office which is Möhringen and called Haus 11, it has a beautiful garden! Like you can feel the autumn to the hilt. All the colourful leaves, the greens! We happened to see a spawning hawk this week in this garden as well! Also encountered these cleaning men, they laughed when I took their picture :)

So coming to Basel now,

My actual aim was seeing Pamela after 4 years! We last saw each other in 2012 summer when we graduated so we had a lot to catch up!

Basel’s  Christmas market mug was a bit more expensive like around 3 Franks. Basel is much more expensive overall anyway. We had a fondue 20 Frank per person, and then ordered a Raclette later on, which was like 7.5 Frank. Glühwein costs from 4-5 Frank without deposit.

The whole city was decorated with pine trees with lights ornaments on them, so it was looking very beautiful! These trees are portable btw :)

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