• February 22, 2010
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Recently I am reading Persian Poets… one man has taken my attention!
his full name is Hakim Abul-Majd Majdūd ibn Ādam Sanā’ī Ghaznavi…

The body is dark-the heart is shining bright; the body is mere compost-the heart a blooming garden

The head has two ears;
love has just one:
this hears certitude,
whilst those hear doubt.

until you throw your sword away
you’ll not become a shield
untl you lay your crown aside
you’ll not be fit to lead

the death of soul
is the destruction of life;
but death of life
is the soul’s salvation

for until a man steps out from impurity,
how can the Quran step out from the page?

as you fill with wisdom
and your heart will love
there’s no more thirst

Written by EGe


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