Sílvia Pérez Cruz

 Sílvia Pérez Cruz

After such a long time I was pleased to see Sílvia Pérez Cruz this time in  İş Sanat/Istanbul. The last time was in Parc Ciutadella/Barcelona with a “Fado en Catalan” concept back in 2011 autumn.

Silvia had a pinkish dress and was on stage barefoot.  Her orchestra was in a crescent shape encircling her:

On violin Marta Cardona and Carlos Montforti ,on viola Anna Aldomà, on contrabass Miquel Àngel Cordero: and on violoncello Joan Antoni Pich.

Silvia is touring for her new album “Vestida de Nit” also a song in the album which is written by her parents  Glòria Cruz and Càstor Pérez. She lost her father 7 years ago and gave birth 10 years ago, she mentions in her interviews that birth and death made her understand the value of time passing by. She also named her daughter “Lola” a tribute to Lola Flores, who is also the mother of Rosario Flores. Turkish audience might remember Rosario from the movie “Habla con ella”…

I was hoping for “Corrandes D’Exili” and it came right after :) A very dramatic version I should say.
This poem is referring to the era of 1936-1947, many republicans had to go in exile during this post civil war period. The author of the poem Pere Quart had lived in Exile for 20 years and  this poem is talking about ““una esperança desfeta” (A Hopeless Defeat). 

She also have some covers in her last album. A fado: “Estranha Forma de Vida” from Amalia Rodrigues,  “Hallelujah” from Leonard Cohen and “Estralla” from Enrique Morente.

The last song was Gallo Rojo, Gallo Negro:

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