sevdigim Beni Beni (اعظم علی)

  • October 23, 2009
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  • Genel
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22nd of October, Azam Ali & Niyaz concert!
a band i was hoping to see, and happened to see, it was a great fortune that I was keeping the track of their tours!
Azam Ali, persian roots, lived in India , living in the U.S now..carrying the soul of Şark-orient- with a modernization. I really appreciated her style. From her hair to her make up, from her voice to her accessories. Her necklace, bracelets, earrings, her long black hair, white skin and bordeaux lipstick they all add a charm to her charisma. They also have a turkish song called ‘Beni beni’ , it is a cover actually , which can be respected as Sufi music. The ud-player from Palestine Naser Musa sang a lament in arabic which I found quite impressive and he was such a humble person! The tabla player was another show-man!
She really gave nice messages and she told us Türkiye was the place where they feel almost at home as their access to Iran is prohibited, she added, she hopes one day her homeland will turn into a place in her dreams…At the end of the concert, we were able to chat with them and get autographs!

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