Centre Pompidou, November 2021

Centre Pompidou, November 2021

  • November 25, 2021
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  • Genel
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So, although visiting Paris three times before, only in 4. time I was able to visit the Centre Pompidou. It has a great art museum and it was my first time there! The Centre Pompidou collection has 120k pieces, the largest in Europe! We made the so called #PompidouVIP (for Very Important Pieces) tour where we saw the works by the most iconic 20th- and 21st-century artists. The collection also involves two pieces from the Henri Metisse “Nu Bleu” series: Nu Bleu II and Nu Bleu III, sadly they were not on display so I could not see them. However, I was lucky with another bleu! Bleu de ciel by Kandinsky was smiling to me and I was not even expecting it!

Fernand Léger

Georges Rouault

Pablo Picasso

Robert Delaunay

Marc Chagall

Vassily Kandinsky & Gabriele Münter

Joan Miró

Alberto Giacometti

Written by EGe