Yasmine Hamdan Akbank Caz

Yasmine Hamdan Akbank Caz

  • November 1, 2014
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  • Genel
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We welcomed Yasmine again to Istanbul after a year. Her previous concert was right after her movie’s first screening in Istanbul in Film Ekimi 2013. She took stage on Salon IKSV that time.

This time she was on the Asian side of Turkey, on Bahariye Avenue / Moda Sahnesi. I guess many people in Turkey know her by her song “hal” , soundtrack of Only Lovers Left Alive. I am her fan for a long time, since the times of Soapkills.  I have always wondered her live performance so I feel very glad to watch her twice .

Yasmine has a very sexy attitude on stage, she always wear all black and she has an idiosyncratic way of dancing. She made some jokes about being surrounded by Arabs all the time, mentioning her group members always somehow have some arabic ethnicity.

I am definitetly a fan!

From last year’s concert:

Written by EGe


  1. Sezen

    Thank you for amazing interview with one I loved! It is a pleasure to watch part of her concert, while I’m far away from my country!!
    Hope we hear more from you soon!

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