Munch Museum, April 2024

Munch Museum, April 2024

This museum is the most famous museum in Norway I guess! It is again by the sea and has many many floors. Apparently Edvard Munch donated all of his works in his possession to the municipality of Oslo, in order to honor this gift they decided to build a new museum for the works and in 2009 an achitectural competition was announced and Juan Herreros’ “Lambda” was chosen.

The 60m long building has 13 floors but not all floors have an exhibition. What is interesting in the museum is, they have 3 versions of “The Scream” and they show one of them every half an hour, which they achieve by a mechanism with curtains. So you really need 1.5h to see all of them… Not forget to mention the first version of The Scream is in Nasjonalmuseet.

Edvard Munch Infinite

Munch Monumental

Written by EGe