Les Marchés de Noël de Colmar

Les Marchés de Noël de Colmar

Thanks to my job I was three weeks in Germany during Nov-Dec and exactly in the christmas market period. After paying a visit to Basel & Stuttgart one I had three more to come! Esslingen, Colmar and Strasbourg.

Colmar as stunning as it is, a quiet, not crowded petite town! Very well decorated indeed! Lots of Glühwein oops sorry “vin chaud”! I have to admit that Germany & Switzerland offer more gourmet stuff however the beauty of the surroundings makes you forget your disappointment with the food.

We felt as if we were in a surrealist picture really. All those lights, all that houses, I have to say I really like this architecture! It is so unfamiliar to me in a way I feel estranged but at the same time curious!

As we are walking around the streets we see some indoor xmas market shops so we immediately get it! you must guess it is quite brrrrr. We see these amazing hand made cakes! Both made of “Lebkuchen” and one is even the house of Hansel & Gratel!

We have found some nice small patisseries however we have to confess that customer service is not the best one! May be we are so used to having a good service back in Turkey so our standards are a bit high.  The patisserie I can definitely recommend would be Pâtisserie Gilg , I bought a take-away cake from them, it was a deliciousness totally!

We had our dinner at La Fer Rouge, we had to wait for at least half an hour standing and then more than an hour at the table for the food. They serve some local food but pick it good, some friends had bad surprises.

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