14th Istanbul Biennial / 14. İstanbul Bienali

14th Istanbul Biennial / 14. İstanbul Bienali

SALTWATER: A Theory of Thought Forms / TUZLU SU: Düşünce Biçimleri Üzerine Bir Teori

5 September – 1 November 2015

Another visit to the Greek School in Karaköy for the biennial of 2015. Apart from seeing the art works, I really like visiting places like this school to feel the genuine “old Istanbul” feeling again. Such buildings always have high cellars, sophisticated windows. Here they also exhibit some items that are left from the old Greek school times.
As I was an Erasmus-student in Berlin, my flat-mate Laura mentioned she loved living in Berlin and being able to breath in the city where all the history took place. I feel exactly the same for old towns of Istanbul. And Galata & Karaköy areas are one of those.

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