Pera Museum, July 2013

Pera Museum, July 2013

Manolo Valdés, Paintings And Sculptures

08 May – 21 July 2013

I visited this exhibition with Sevde. I was definitely not expecting to see “Las Meninas” in this exhibition, that was a nice surprise for me. I saw the original painting back in 2009 in Prado Museum in Madrid. Sadly, taking photos was forbidden so I do not have my favourites from that museum. Anyway, getting back to Manolo Valdes, I saw afterwards coincidently his “Las Meninas” work in Hofgarten of Düsseldorf at the beginning of 2014. Then in summer of 2014 I saw it again in Monaco! So I have a story with these sculptures :)

Lady on Horse B II- Manolo Valdés,, 2012
Two Ice Cream Vanilla I – Manolo Valdés, 2008
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