Irritating Germans ( sorry Laura )

After my return from Barcelona I have understood one more time, Berlin is not for me… This isnt where I parked my car :P Although I do not like Catalans nationalistic behaviour dominating all Barcelona , I like it there… The people, the food , the atmosphere… And now back again in Berlin, it is getting boring…. Germany does not excite me anymore… May be there is still a lot to discover but they do not attract me that much… It was my third time in Barcelona, still I was thrilled…
So what did I conclude…
Germans are not COLD, they are just TOO DIRECT and too NORMATIVE… and too STRICT… They need to relax really….
What has happened?
  • First of all, one of my flatmates, I happened to use her coffee machine once when I made tea and after coming back from Barcelona I found a note on the machine : ” bitte nicht benutzen. Privates Eigentum” I wanted to swear immediately… Oh come on…” please do not use, it is a private belonging”… I did not eat your machine we would say in Turkish. Then I opened the fridge, what did I see..She put her name on each EGG she bought. Steffi Steffi Steffi… It is incredible.. Even if we use some eggs in fridge, when we go to market we replace them… That is WAY DISGRACEFUL in my culture
  • Secondly, as we put our legs on the opposite seat in a train ( I know it is not ok, but we do not put our shoes on the fabric) , people come in a very nervous way and ask very impolitely to put them off…You can warn a person but you cannot act so… A woman has come and asked to put them off..We did…then she said now clean it!… Can you imagine? I am not her slave or something. and she WATCHED us doing that till she is satisfied.. I could kill her.
  • Thirdly, we were in the philharmony concert and we could just arrive in time. As we sat the concert began and I wanted to turn my mobile off and was searching for it silently.. The woman who sat near me started to STARE me… and she kept looking.. for 2 minutes without moving her head… I mean come on, was it better if my phone rang during the concert? Whenever I intented to search it in my bag. she began staring again. I could really knife her…
  • Well good things happen too, when leading to Potsdam we did not know where to drop off and we kept asking the driver. She got angry -of course- but then an old lady came up with a paper and handed it to me. It showed the time table & stations of the current bus.. I was very amazed. People do help you and they are not cold they are just different. They were raised up differently. and I do not LIKE IT!
Written by EGe


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