Contemporary Istanbul 2015

Contemporary Istanbul 2015

I guess it was my fourth or fifth time visiting Contemporary Istanbul Fair. This year it was held between 12-15 November again in Lütfi Kırdar. According to their website this year the exhibition has broken its own record and received 86.000 visitors. Wow! It was actually obvious because it was TOO crowded all the time. Of course we should emphasize that it was the 10. anniversary of Ci. This year 102 art galleries (of which 23 are first timers) attended to the exhibition from 24 countries. Pretty much a multi-culti event. %64 of of the exhibited works were sold as well!

Telling you the truth some works were repeating themselves. I can remember clearly some of the pieces have already been exhibited before in previous exhibitons of ci.

This year CI Focus was Contemporary Tehran. Iranian galleries have already affected me deeply before. There were many sarcastic pieces about women in society, religion etc. back in 2013. Not only Iranian but also Middle Eastern galleries were always making you smile. This year I did not see much work that had some black humour or sarcasm…

Here are some works that I photographed:

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