Adatepe Museum, October 2014

Adatepe Museum, October 2014

Adatepe is located close to our summerhouse. The village lies at the western slopes of Mount Ida (Kaz Dağları), overlooking the Aegean sea and Lesbos Island. There are old stone houses with typical architecture reflecting the times when Turks and Greeks lived peacefully in this village. The whole village and surrounding olive groves are protected as cultural & natural heritage. Legend says that the most aromatic olive oil of the Aegean shores is produced in this area.

Adatepe Olive Oil Museum is nearby their their mill where they produce the oil by traditional crushing and extraction methods. Olives are handpicked, crushed in granite stone mills and then mashed without head to maintain cold pressing.

In the museum you can see all the traditional tools that were used to produce olive-oil: huge granite stone mills for grinding the olives, antique olive presses, numerous tools for pruning, olive picking, carrying baskets and earthenware jars for olive ail storages. It also explains you the story of the olive.

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