13th Istanbul Biennial / 13. Istanbul Bienali

13th Istanbul Biennial / 13. Istanbul Bienali

Mom, am I barbarian? / Anne, ben barbar mıyım?
Galata Greek Primary School (Σχολή Γαλατά)  & Antrepo 3

14 September – 20 October 2013 / 14 Eylül – 20 Ekim 2013

Soooo, we visited the 13th Istanbul Biennial which took place in multiple venues. I have to say we were carried away by the title of the exhibition. A very innocent question that one could have asked to the precious mother. The things your ancestors did may leave a mark on you. So you might think that you may be the barbarian that “the others” accuse you of…

Co-action Device: A Study – İnci Eviner, 2013
 Saint Gregory the Illuminator Church of Galata from the window of the Greek School

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